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Design, Fabrication and Installation of fine Shipboard Interiors and Modular Furniture


Pacific Maritime operates a comprehensive manufacturing operation to meet the on board modular furniture needs of its customers. This includes fully equipped, 45,000 square foot facilities in San Diego, California.

Equipment List

Laser Cutting

Mazak Hyper Turbo-X with Laser Load/Unload Cell

The HTX is a high productivity, easy to use 2D laser that provides high precision cutting. It is exceptionally versatile for low volume production of a wide variety of parts.
Fast, efficient, pneumatic LOAD UNLOAD SYSTEM automatically picks up a single sheet of material at a time, positions it correctly on the laser, then automatically stacks the cut sheets.

Waterjet Cutting

naval habitability Omax Waterjet 55100
The 55100 is closed loop with digital drives, pre-loaded ball screws and recirculating balls. It has a vibration-free motion through the use of patented shear damper.
CNC Punching
shipboard habitability

Three Amada Vipro 255s with and without Loaders
Blending high-speed performance with long-term durability, the Amada Vipro 255 has a 22 ton press capacity and is an ideal punch press for light to medium gauge sheet metal fabrication.

The MP single shelf loader automates the handling of small or large sheets and facilitates unmanned operation of the EM. The shelves on the MP can be retracted to allow manual loading of material. The MP is available in 4ft x 8ft and 5ft x 10ft models.

naval habitability
Amada Pega 345 Queen with Loader
The Pega is one of the most efficient 58 station turrets available. It has a programmable work chute and an in-table automatic crank shaft lubrication.
CNC Bending
shipboard furniture
Two Amada RG 100s
The CNC Bending model features unmatched performance and precision for all of your needs. The model has a 100 ton capacity and advanced control for efficient set-up, fast operation and outstanding accuracy.
naval furniture
Three (3) Amada RG 50s
The RG 50 has a 50 ton capacity and advanced control, and has a roller-bearing guide block system ensuring parallelism for unprecedented accuracy.
navy furniture
Amada FBD
The Amada FBD is a 35 ton hydraulic press brake. Its advanced design offers quick setup, high-speed operation, and increased throughput.
shipboard habitability
Advanced capabilities and reliability in a work-horse design.
CNC Shearing
shipboard furniture

Amada 3060 and with Conveyers
The Amada CNC Shearing equipment has as 120.5" maximum cut length and performs up to 60 strokes per minute.

  Amada 3040 with Conveyers
This one has as 96" maximum cut length
Amada M-1245 48" High Speed Mechanical Shear

Haas Minimill
This super-compact machine features a 40-taper spindle, speeds to 6000 rpm, 600-ipm rapids and a 10-pocket automatic tool changer. It's ideal for finishing work and cutting aluminum, yet also provides enough low-end torque to cut steel.
Two (2) Haas CNC Milling
The Haas VF-3 is a rugged, medium-sized VMC that yields full reliability and accuracy. The VF-3 produces either 75 ft-lb of torque at a low 1400 rpm, or 250 ft-lb at 450 rpm with the optional 2-speed gearbox -- and will also run up to 7500 rpm in 1.2 seconds for finishing aluminum.

Three (3) Takisawa CNC Lathe
Use the latest technology to design, are perfect and balanced integration for controller, servo motors and mechanics, great solution for small batch of complex parts and has safety advanced features that reduce time dramatically due to operator's errors.

Two (2) Fadal CNC Milling

VMC 4020 with a WYE/Delta 15,000 RPM spindle system that delivers a wider range of cutting performance for high-speed aluminum operations.

navy habitability
Two (2) Janda Spotwelder
Aluminum spotwelding machine. Over 1/8 aluminum to 1/8 aluminum.
navy furniture

Amada Spotwelder
The Amada spot welder provides a clean weld that requires little or no post processing. It easily programs and stores multiple weld schedules in its memory.

Ten (10) TIG/MIG Weld Stations
shipboard furniture

Webb Rolls
These are built with enclosed worm gear drive for positive positioning and a long life. The medium duty turning rolls are designed so any power units in three different sizes can be interchanged with idlers. 10 feet x 5/16 STL.


Eagle Tube Rolls
The Eagle tube rolls have LED digital readout for repeatability in bending. Special tooling is available on many units for bar twisting, scroll bending, tight diameter rolling and wide flat bending.

  Time Saver, 36"W  MDL
  RAMCO MDL, Misc Burr King


Amada HA-250, Auto CNC Band Saw 16" Cap
George Fisher RA-6, Auto High Precision Pipe and Tube Saw
  Pedrazzoli Cold Saw
  Misc Extrusion Saws, Band Saw
Comprehensive Additional Operations

Honeycomb Press
90 ton dual platen press, 48" x 96".

Complete Powder Coating Capability
Upholstery Shop
Laminate Shop

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