Shipboard Furniture



Design, Fabrication and Installation of fine Shipboard Interiors and Modular Furniture

Seating - Comfort quality you can almost feel.
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navy furniture

Sofas, Chairs and Transoms

B-3A-1a Sofa, 3 Seat

B-3A-1b Sofa, 2 Seat

B-3A-1c Chair, Lounge

B-3A-2a Sofa, 3 Seat

4 Seat Sofa

B-3A-12 Sofa, Corner Unit & Armless 2 Seat

B-3A-13 Sofa, Corner, Sectional

B-3A-15 Sofa, Corner

B-3A-16 Chair, Lounge, Swivel

B-3A-17 Chair, Reclining

1 Seat, Transom

2 Seat, Transom, Armless

3 Seat, Transom

Corner Sofa with Underseat Stowage

Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair, 2 Seat

Lounge Chair, 3 Seat

Corner Sofa, With Partition & Back Stowage


navy furniture

Arm Chairs & Side Chairs

B-3B-1 Chair, Arm

B-3B-2a Arm Chair, Class 1

B-3B-2b Arm Chair, Class 2

B-3B-3a Armless Chair, Class 1

B-3B-3b Armless Chair, Class 2

Crown Back Chair

Crown Back Chair, Upholstered Seat


navy furniture

Stacking & Folding Chairs

B-3C-1 Chair, Stacking

B-3C-2 Chair, Folding, with Tablet Arm

Chair, Stacking, Upholstered Seat


naval furniture

Desk Chairs, Swivel, Tilt

Chair, Swivel, High Back, Executive

B-3D-4 Chair, Computer


shipboard furniture

Booths & Mess Seats

B-3E-1a Mess Booth, Double

B-3E-1b Mess Booth, Single

B-3E-2 Chair, Dining


shipboard furniture

Stools & Benches

B-3F-1, 2 Seat Bench with Under and Back Stowage

B-3F-1, 3 Seat Bench with Stowage Under

Bench with Stowage Under, 2 Seat

Bench with Stowage Under, 3 Seat

shipboard furniture

Special Purpose Seating

B-3G-5 Chair, Bridge Wing, no Arms

B-3G-6 Chair, Helmsman

B-3G-13 Stool, Spring Loaded

B-3G-19 Barber Chair

Seating, Salon


shipboard furniture

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